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Released in 2008, has 30 pin connector (can be used with iPhone 4S and below) which will not work with newer models. The main differences between this model and the first edition is the remotes layout and color. Product features include: rechargeable lithium-ion battery, rotating docking system, remote, portable, built in carrying handle, and Bose quality speaker.

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Why won't the speaker charge my phone?

When my phone/iPod is connected, it doesn't charge. I rattle it around hoping for a better connection but nothing seems to work.

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What model iPhone/iPod? Has it ever charged your devices?


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The sounddock needs to be plugging in or charged in order for the device to charge your phone/iPod. If that isn't the problem then your phone case or dust/debris could be blocking the connection.

If none of that works out, then you might need a full dock replacement which can be found on the troubleshooting page.

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