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Installed new hard drive, cannot see it in Disk Utilities?

After using an overheating fix (see MBP A1226 Logic Board last resort fix for nVidia video chip) for a logic board problem, my hard drive stopped working properly. After research I worked out it was from overheating it. Whatever, a new hard drive is cheaper than a logic board. So I bought a new 160Gb WD Black scorpio SATA and installed it. I can't see it when trying to boot with CD, and not in Disk Utilities either.

Could it be that the hard drive is faulty or the connectors have been messed around with too much? Some of the cables do look a bit tired.

I have been able to connect my old hard drive with external casing and am at the stage of re-loading the OSX.

I haven't had a look under the hood while I have it running to listen if the new hard drive is whirring or not - is this even possible?


Following on from my initial question - I'm not sure how the old hard drive re-loading of OSX went as the screen is not working again (which is what I intentionally overheated it for). I can overheat it again and then try what you have suggested.

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It's not working again - seems to be the same problem as before I did the logic board trick by overheating. I will try one more time with the overheating and then if it doesn't work, I found a new guy on eBay that lives a few suburbs away I can take it to.

Thanks for all your help & suggestions!


Not working - meaning I can turn it on, but no booting sounds, or sleep/power light, just a bit of whirring.


Hello again :) So now I have had a guy "fix" the logic board - well it powers up everytime now.

I can see both internal (old) drive and external (new) drive in Disk Utilities.

I try to load OSX onto old drive which Disk Utilities has told me is sound.

After loading for about an hour it "restarts" and then I get a black screen with white writing, saying something about "I have no name!" This screen, if left, just continues to cycle. If I power on the MBP as "normal" it is the same issue.



OK! I fixed "I have no name!" problem by putting my new hard drive into my MBP. So problems solved! Well I did have a problem when I tried to use my Snow Leopard update dvd and it threw the graphics out, but after running in Safe Mode it was fine. Won't be trying that in a hurry but I can't understand how I had snow on this MBP before, I only have original Tiger disks. Oh well! Just glad to be typing on it again.


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Thanks for starting your own question. Put the new drive in the external enclosure and format and install the system. Put the old drive back in to test the connectors. If it sees the old drive and the system installed on the new one, then put the new drive in. To bypass the temperature problem, try hooking up to an external monitor to see if it actually is the GPU.

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