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This is the first generation of the Ford Escape, a compact crossover SUV. Production started in 2000 for the 2001 model year.

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Moaning sound coming from the steering area?Tierods & Struts OK.Cause?

I am getting a moaning sound from the steering undercarage. I am unable to discern the location. The tierods, inner and outer appear good. I replaced the struts and strut bearings and still have the sound. The sound seems to increase or be most noticeable when the car sits a while with the engine running on a HOT day? With a cold engine the noise not noticeable.

Thanks for any help.

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My 02 Ford Ranger is doing the exact same thing. But I've already replaced the power steering pump the tensioner belt and pulley The Idler pulley and the serpentine belt and it's still making the same grinding and whining noise when I turn the steering wheel before I changed the tensioner belt and serpentine belt, it was making a really loud screeching and squeaking noise as well but I finally got that stop once I change the serpentine belt and tensioner belt but it's still making the same grinding and whining noise when I turn the steering wheel even after I've already replaced the power steering pump. And I've noticed that the actual power steering pulley doesn't spin freely. What could be the cause??


Is it possible that it could be my rack and pinion gear because I know on my 02 Ford Ranger it has a rack and pinion gear and I've also already changed the front outer tie rods and the inner tie rods are fine as well. I just can't seem to get to the bottom of what's causing that grinding and whining noise still when I turn my steering wheel and it does it whether I'm sitting still and it's idling or whether I'm driving down the road about to make a turn. And in the last week it's already cost me about 400 to $500 in parts and labor. So it's very detrimental very important that I get to the source of what's causing that same grinding and whining noise. Anybody know what the cause might be??


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These trucks have weak power steering pumps and no power steering fluid cooler. The fluid is probably shot. However, properly flushing is difficult and the industry has mixed feelings on wether a full flush should ever be performed, so a 'partial treatment' is generally the safest route with positive results.

If the fluid is chocolate colored, no longer translucent, or smells burnt, perform the following proceedure.

Use a turkey baster and remove a few ounces of fluid from the power steering reservoir. Put the old fluid in a milk jug or 1 liter (Pepsi) bottle temporarily. Replace it with new fluid or a fluid treatment (there is a 2-part fluid treatment made by various manufactures that reduces squeels, moaning and leaks.) Run the car a few minutes, turning the wheels left to right a few times to pump the new fluid through quicker. Turn off and repeat until you have used all of the treatment/fluid you purchased. Recycle the old fluid at the place you purchased the replacement fluid using the container the new treatment/fluid came in.

Over time this almost always helps resolve power steering noises. Always address power steering noises as they will always result in a pump leak or rack failure, the latter of which is very expensive to replace on this vehicle.

New-generation Escapes (starting with the 2.5 liter) use hydro-electric steering and have no pump, and this is a non-issue.

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Please check your fluid levels on your brakes and the power steering unit.

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+ on the power steering. Ralph


Particularly if it moans more when turning.


Fluid level have been checked and all appear to be at thier correct level.


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