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Men's Fossil Speedway Watch, made of solid titanium and water resistant up to 200 meters.

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How do I correct the time on my watch?

Recently, the time on my watch stopped matching the time on my phone and other electronic devices. How do I get it back to the correct time?

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To fix the time on the watch, all you have to do is pull the dial on the right side of the watch face all the way out, then just twist the dial until you get the right time. To fix the date, just pull the dial out half way instead of all the way, and twist the dial. You'll know the difference between half way and all the way because the dial will click when you get half way and then click again when you pull it all the way. You can only change the date one way so be careful not to twist it too far or you'll have to go all the way back around. Hope this helped!

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How to fix unidiretion dive in fossil


Thank you so much


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How to fix unidirection in fossil

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