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Das fünfte Google Nexus Smartphone. Offiziell angekündigt am 31. Oktober 2013, verfügt es über einen 4,95" 1080p Bildschirm, einen 2,26 GHz Snapdragon Prozessor sowie LTE-Unterstützung. Angetrieben wird es von Android Version 4.4.2, KitKat und hergestellt von LG.

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Screen intermittently works, sometimes black

My Nexus 5 screen went black the other day, the backlight is on and the phone works but I just get a black screen. I tapped it on the back and the screen came back but then the digitiser didn't work. Tapped it again and then it worked perfectly but half an hour later black screen again.

Ordered a replacement screen but the same thing happens, I noticed that if i tap the motherboard this temporarily fixes it giving me the impression that there is something wrong with it.

I've checked ribbon cables and connections many times but no luck.

Any help?

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same thing happened to me, and I have no idea what to do. I tried recovery mode with a factory reset and such. please help!

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Sorry Chris, I ended up buying a Nexus 6 ( only because the price dropped) and disposing of my little Nexus 5. The problem for worse then the phone stopped responding, my next solution was too replace the motherboard but that was too expensive.

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You need change display port 64pins, on top motherboard. It's help for me once


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The same thing happened to me, however, I opened it up and I can a burn mark near the power button. maybe replacing the board might fix this.

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