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2,26 oder 2,4 GHz/ weißes Unibody-Gehäuse aus Kunststoff

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What's the black tape with metal in it covering the LCD board?

macbook a1342 uniboby 2010 white

I'm repairing an old MacBook, and I've taken off the black plastic tape that surrounds the LCD (it was full of crumbs). I'll replace this tape with black Kapton tape, but where the tape covers the LCD board, there is a strip that seems to contain metal specks (kind of a squared pattern). Does anyone know what the purpose of the metallic portion is? It goes directly over the 8 silver rectangles (chips i'm guessing) directly below the lcd. I think this is probably either a heat-sink type of tape for the chips, or EMI shielding? I don't want to replace it with the wrong kind. I don't have a ton of experience with laptops and even less with Macs, but I've got to learn somehow. I've included a couple pictures below that show what I'm talking about.

The tape in question

You can see it has metal in it

Where the tape was, over those long silver chips

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Take a look at this guide for a teardown of the LCD: MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Display Data/Camera Cable Replacement

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this is how i took the display apart, but it does not show the removal of this tape or what it's for.


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