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Fall causes black, white and colored vertical bars/lines in display

My granddaughter dropped my MacBook Pro (A1260) and obviously damaged something.

It now has a series of vertical lines and bars near the center of the display including a 1-inch black vertical bar, a 3/4-inch white vertical bar to its right and a 1.5-inch wide region made up of fine vertical lines of various colors.

Behind the vertical bars, the desktop displays normally and the computer works with no other indication of problems.

Can anyone tell me what damage might cause bars like this to appear on the display and what might be necessary to repair it?



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There isn't much way to isolate this to filter on data line to LCD, GPU, or the LCD itself. They are all equally culpable. This machine comes with a known bad GPU, and also a first generation notebook LED backlit panel(apple beat the industry to LED backlit laptop screens by about 3 years) which were really easy broken. I would suggest trying a new LCD first, but do keep in mind that it is a miracle the GPU in this machine still works and that it can die at any time before you invest money into it.

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Thanks for the good information.

I have two of these machines that, until this drop, have both remained fully functional, that is to say they do what they are supposed to and the monitor works well with video and images. I actually use them quite a bit image processing.

Scary what you say about the machine coming with a bad GPU. What does that mean? What limitations does that place on the operation of the display/machine? Does is simply mean it is prone to failure? Are new GPUs for this machine available at any reasonable price if one goes out?

I found an LCD on eBay for $#60 that looks quite clean and comes with a 60 day warranty. I have been planning to install it in the laptop with the issue described above. It is not a big investment whether it works or not.

I also found two new top cases for $30 each. They sell on ifixit for $250 so I bought them.

The topcase has been the weak spot for me with these machines. After a few years or overheating, the trackpad seens to become intermittent and the click bars seem to be easily damaged. The fans also tend to wear out. All of this is pretty easily replaced.



This should have been dead four years ago. The 8600M was one of the worst laptop GPUs ever made. They all die. It means that if not dead now, it will randomly die sometime in the near future. New GPUs are only available from eBay vendors that claim they are new when they are reballed junk. :(


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