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How many Wifi-antennas is it in MacBook Pro mid 2009?

How many Wifi-antennas is it in Macbook Pro mid 2009, 2 or 3?

Im wondering since I want to know if the wifi-card is capable of 450mbit/s 802.11n (3 streams/3antennas) or if it only is capable of 300mbit/s (2 stream/2antennas)


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There are 2 antennas. They are on the same board, appropriately called the antenna board, right above the airport board in the lower part of your screen behind the black plastic part (that's why there's plastic there!)

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Thank you very much for the fast and precise answer. Could you possibly tell when, on both Macbook Pro and Air, the chipsets were first updated to include 3 antennas? That would also help me very much, thankyou again for your already shared knowledge and also in advance if this is something you know about.


Mid 2010 for the Macbook Pro 15". I think the Air still has 2 antennas. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong...


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