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A handheld digital pet that was first sold in Japan in 1996.

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Why is it still not working?

I put a new battery in but it is still not working, so what else can I do so it can work and be played?

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Seriously, what is the gadget you're talking about? Are you sure that the problem is the battery only? Please complete questions so that you'll receive helpful answers.


set it on fire....................................................


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The mains problems with tamagotchis are :

  • oxidized pine (if you forgot the battery in it for 20 years ago… or buy it new. usually that’s not a problem with bandaï ones, but with odd pets) you can fix it by remove the rust with a q-tip with vinegar
  • bad contact from screen or battery . make sure the more screw you still have are well screwed.

Hope it will help someone

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I suggest making sure you inserted the battery in the right direction. I know this sounds like a simple thing, but someone I know did a similar mistake and ended up throwing it away when the solution was so simple.

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It could also be water damaged, the circuit board could benefit from a rice treatment. If not that it could have just been its time. They are $20 dollars for a reason, they were not made to last forever.

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