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Laptop Screen regular horizontal lines

I have a Samsung NP350V5C which is briefly displaying horizontal lines over 75-100% of the screen, almost like interference.

The video is perfect on an external monitor, so GPU issues are eliminated and it has to be between the motherboard and the screen.

Thinking it was probably a faulty LVDS cable I replaced it with a new one - with no improvement.

I have noticed that the 'interference' is very regular - 1.5 seconds long, every 3 seconds.

Any ideas?

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replace LCD, it is malfunctioning. LCD's are more fragile than you think- they can crack if you put pressure on the back of the notebook, or maybe you accidentally closed it with something in it. Before buying an LCD, make sure the pins on your LVDS connector on your mainboard aren't bent or deformed, as this may cause issues with displaying stuff. if all is clear, get the correct size LCD for your notebook. LCD replacements are easy!

I wish you good luck with resolving your issue, and if you are in doubt when purchasing your replacement LCD, I am here. If you don't feel up to it, Your local repair shop is waiting for you- they may even help you more than me with the part! just ask them if they can help you get a spare LCD for your laptop - they may let you buy it from them!


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