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Modell A1502 / 2,4, 2,6, oder 2,8 GHz Dual-Core Intel Prozessor / Erschienen im Oktober 2013

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How to troubleshoot liquid damage no power A1502 MacBook Retina 13,3

I have Macbook Retina 13,3 A1502 with liquid damage.

When you plug in the charger the green light of the magsafe adapter will burn and doesnt turn on.

changed magsafe dc jack and my charger.

When i dissambled the macbook, i saw some sticky liquid around three BGA chips on the motherboard.

I cant find any schematic for A1502 so i dont know what these chips are.

image from the internet:

Block Image

the red ones had liquid damage, already cleaned up with alchohol. The small circle one is a power management ic.

the black circle is a Flash ic(this chip hasnt been infected by liquid damage but it didnt look well under he microscope) but cant find the other ones. i looked on the numbers on the chips to know what these bga's are.

Can someone explain me what these other 2 chips are, where i can find the schematics for my A1502, and how to measure with no power issues on this laptop. I have the soldering skills to do this repair but without schematic i dont know where to start.

if someone can help me i will really appreciate it.

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Hi Ozzy - were you able to fix your computer? I have exactly the same problem but I am not sure how methanol will clean the water? Where do water sit in the board? I would assume it would eventually dry?


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You need to get the cleaned up as best as possible with the highest grade isopropyl alcohol you can find. You have to hunt the internet for schematics they magically float around like everything else on the internet . You may need the board number in order to find it a1502 has two numbers I think they are 820-3476 and 820-3536 they are screened in black on the board to where you can see them.

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John, switch to Methanol and get rid of the water in isopropyl.


I can live with with the .01% water in my 99.99% alcohol .


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iOzzy, this is only to identify the items in question.

U4000 is a Samsung K4B4G1646B-HYK0 IC,SDRAM,4GBIT,DDR3L-1600,HUMA,96B FBGA Datasheet available here.

U5000 is your SMC LM4FSXAH5BB which is a flashed (programmed Ic) and cannot simply be replaced.

U6100 is a SST25VF064C 64 Mbit SPI Serial Dual I/O Flash part of your LPC+SPI Debug Connector circuitry.

U9750 is a HD3SS213ZQE DisplayPort 1.2a 2:1/1:2 Differential Switch. It is part of your Display Mux: HDMI vs DP circuitry

Block Image

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U4000 - camera memory

U5000 - system controller

U6100 - EFI rom

U9750 - DP/HDMI mux

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