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Full capacity smartphone released on AT&T, with 4G LTE connectivity.

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My phone will not start up

The phone was working fine but sat for a long time, unused. I plugged it in and the lights on the front lit, so I let it sit and charge. Or so I thought. I got it to come on one time by removing and re-seating the battery and I though it was okay. Then I couldn't get it to turn on and I ordered a new battery since the original was several years old. Installed the new battery and the lights at the bottom of the screen lit up. After a reasonable amount of time, I tried to start up the phone. No luck at all. It appears completely dead.

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what can I do indoor to have my phone working again I was told by LG CUSTOM CARE SIRVICE THEY COULD HELP ME MY NEW PHONE STOP WORKING

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