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Modell A1418 / Ende 2013 / 2,7 & 2,9 GHz Core i5 oder 3,1 GHz Core i7 Prozessor

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Replace HDD with SSD

I understood that iMac 21" basically has two slots for drives: One of which is located on the main board for "Blade" SSDs provided by Apple. As those are quite expensive and it seems not so easy to unmount the logic board I thought of replacing the HDD (2.5" SATA I guess) with an SSD.

Are there any models you can recommend? I read about difficulties with the temperature sensor which only works with certain SSDs.

I work with final cut an store my footage on Thunderbolt-Drives anyway, but still it boots quite slowly due to the HDD and I want to speed it up a little.

Thanks for your answers.

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Which configuration did you get? HD & SSD if you got one with it.


Right now it has no SSD or fusion drive. Just HDD.


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The newer Thin Series 21.5" iMacs use a 2.5" SATA drive. These newer systems are a bear to open so you do need to be very careful as you can kill the display very easily. Follow the IFIXIT guide here to the letter and make sure you use the correct tools: iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2638 Hard Drive Replacement.

As to what drive to put in this gets tricky here as the larger SSD's are still quite expensive and Yosemite does not allow you to use TRIM Enabler due to the kext signing Apple is now using. You will need to get a SSD that does its own garbage collection onboard. Sadly most the SSD vendors don't tell you what they do internally on their web sites. We use Crucial but you do need to speak with their tech support to make sure the SSD you have selected is ideal for your system. Samsung also makes a good unit but you'll need a UNIX boot up disk to alter its settings which is a pain.

The other option here is is to go with a SSHD hybrid drive. Here a SSD is used as a deep cache for a standard HD. Basically you gain the boot up speed of the SSD and the deep storage of a traditional HD. I do recommend the Seagate SSHD's.

Frankly, If you have never opened a iMac before you should just think about going with an external RAID drive using Thunderbolt. These could even be SSD's or a mix of both, then alter your boot up setting to boot up off of the external drive to get the zip.

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