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Nikon D600 24.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera

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What's likely broken; should I have a go at fixing it?

Hi from France (near Geneva Switzerland).

Just dropped my D600. ALL functions and display (that might have a hairline crack) on TOP of the casing no longer work. However, with the battery in, the camera is permanently 'on', and I can take photos using an external cable (GPS socket) or throught the time lapse screen. Camera works only in fully auto

mode / can't change anything. Auto-focus works fine 'as is'. Photos take, record and display normally. The display through the viewfinder works.


What is probably broken?

What are the chances of getting most of the top functions working(even if not the display)? I'm pretty handy with electronics, but not with cameras.

Are there parts that might help fix this, that someone could

sell to me / send to me?

Present 2nd hand value of a working D600 camera is probably now less than the cost of Nikon repairs, so having a go myself seems to be the only option.

John B

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take a look at the teardown guide for this camera..click on the camera icon up top right, step 17…top board is the likely culprit here for your symptoms. It's a bit of a saga to get to but it doesn't look too hard. Just be careful with the flash and make sure you've discharged it like the instructions show. it may be that you've got a loose connection from the drop. it may be a crack in the board :-( the only way to know is to open it up and look. Getting a replacement part might be feasible from an online dealer/ebay or from another broken camera.. good luck

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1. Got the new part for the broken screen via ebay and China - top right on the D600. This was the first time I'd ever even considered repairing a camera ......

2. Followed the teardown to Step 17; kept parts in numbered plastic. Straightforward. Had to de-solder, solder 3 wires.

3. Struggled with re-connecting the rear top-wheel's ribbon (white connector with some red marks on it in Step 17). Does this open?

4. Re-assembly also straightforward.

5. Various parts broken in the fall, superglued.

6. It nearly all worked - except for the top-right-rear rotary wheel that does nothing, so I can't set the exposure time, etc. However, I only rarely set the exposure time. Fortunately, I have all other functions on the top working again, notably Auto, P and A, and the screen display too.

I'm very very pleased with this, so THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!! The camera is back to how I mostly used it.

Any official repair would have been uneconomical, so this is a BRILLIANT RESULT !!



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