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Die Playstation 3 (im Volksmund auch PS3 genannt) ist das dritte Heimcomputer-Unterhaltungssystem der Firma Sony und der Nachfolger der PlayStation 2. Sie erschien am 11. November 2006

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Why are there two red lights when I turn PS3 on?

I followed the step by step process for the fix it YLOD kit. After reassembly, my PS3 had two red lights and won't turn on.

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I looked around the PlayStation forums for anything on two red lights after a YLOD reflow. The only solution I could find was making sure that each component was correctly connected after reassembly. Someone on the forum said that they hadn't reconnected one of the daughterboards correctly and that doing so fixed the double red light error.

I'll keep looking for other solutions, but checking all the component connections should be a good first step for solving the problem.

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You haven’t put it back together properly i did the same thing you have done .

you need to connect the daughter board assembly , there is no need to try and tear it apart without any experience.So call an electrician or a technician to repair your ps3 . I have the ps3 fat , i opened it up and cleaned the motherboard but didn’t assemble it back together .

Now i fixed up everything , its working as good as new

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