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Maintenance and care of a 1950's Kelvinator methanol based unit

Hi all.

The husband and I have acquired a vintage fridge to restore (it was free..who can say no?) it is at least 60years old and still working. We have tried looking for information on the inner workings but not a lot seems to be on the net for these things. The refrigerant cylinder is labelled methanol.

As the unit is working is there anything we need do to ensure it continues or are there any precautions we need to take? It's hiding in the garage all switched off and drying out at the moment while we think about how to make it glorious.

The frame has the letters AS747 however. Don't know if that's a standard no. Or the model number.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

UPDATE 4th November 2018

so this is one of those “seemed like a good idea at the time” things. It’s slowly rusting, the power plug was majorly corroded when we checked on it way back when, so it’s off indefinitely. We would love to restore this for the man cave/garage.

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anyone out there know anything about 40 year old fridges? x


Polly - Sorry been mostly away from the site for a while. Are you sure this is a methanol based refrigerator and not a methane fueled unit? Either way it should be an ammonia based unit which is very different from most residential refrigerators. Ammonia based refrigeration is mainly found in campers and in very large commercial applications. Those systems are where it becomes evident that cooling is about taking away heat, and has nothing to do with adding cold.


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Look for a tag some where. Look for R 22 or R12 and a weight. 1975 is not that old. Get numbers from compressor. Does it need a heat source to heat a tank? Post pics please. Could be activated

carbon/Methanol pair is chosen as Adsorbent/Refrigerant pair if it is an absorption system. Need pics. Cold is the absence of heat.

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