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My OneNote program keeps shutting down with this error message

"Critical Error:OneNote was unable to save to the notebook cache file for an unknown reason. Possible reasons might include a change in the file permissions or a serious disk error. OneNote will now exit. For further assistance contact technical support. Error Code: 0x17"

Please help me. I tried to run diagnostics and nothing changed, then I tried to update my computer and that didn't help either. I use OneNote for school and this is very inconvenient. Thank you!!

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The first thing I would recommend attempting is a file system check and permissions repair:

- Reboot the computer in recovery mode

- Start the disk utility

- Select the disk

- On the first aid tab, select repair disk (wait for a long time)

- On the first aid tab, select repair disk permissions

The second thing I would recommend is to manually change the permissions of of your home directory via the terminal:

- Open a terminal and enter the following commands:


(this returns your username, likely your first and last name without spaces)

cd ~/..

(this changes to one folder above your home folder)

sudo chown -R [username] [username]/

(enter your password when prompted and be sure that you replace [username] with your username, this will ensure you have ownership permissions to everything in your home directory)

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