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Reparaturanleitungen und Unterstützung für Mobiltelefone von BLU Products

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Blu Studio 6.0 LTE Repair Guide

I cracked the screen on my Blu Studio and was wondering will there be a repair guide on this phone for how to replace the screen. Being that it obviously doesn't have gorilla glass I'm sure a lot of people will be needing this guide soon.

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I was able to get a used studio 6.0 lte off of ebay for $50 (less than a brand new lcd replacement). If your lcd is still working, I personally don't think it is worth the hassle to try and replace the digitizer because they are glued together. you run the risk of breaking your working lcd and having to buy a replacement beyond just the digitizer.

Remove the screws and expose the inner workings to the phone. After receiving the phone from ebay I removed the board from the top of the device (the one with the cameras) and moved it into the phone with the working screen.

If you aren't confident about doing this you can always practice on the used phone to figure out where everything is. When you feel comfortable with the layout you can start disassembling your device.

-Before starting remove the two smallest cables from the top of the board. Ignore the cameras. They aren't glued in place, but pop the front facing camera out of its hole.

-be gentle when pulling the cables and use a hair dryer to slowly loosen the glue holding the board in place. I then began loosening the board with a plastic tool and the hair dryer (don't get it too hot).

-half way through I used my tool to pull the round cable loose from underneath (the one that connects it to the other board).

-after I finished loosening the board I removed the cable that controls the screen (the widest one). Remember to flip up the small plastic piece holding this cable in place.

-Finished. reverse the removal process to replace the board of the used phone with the board from yours.

I know this is an old question, but hopefully this answer is helpful to someone. Now that it is an old device they should pop up on ebay occasionally.

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