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Ipad is not charging after using a half broken usb cable

Hi , My Ipad mini is not charging anymore, no matter what usb cable I use ,I had a half broken usb cable, I think its unstable voltage damaged somthing, now when I plug in my new cable it detects it, because the "no battery, plug in your charger" shows up without touching any button,but it wont charge,


(this is what happens when I plug in my charger)

and sometimes the apple logo shows up and my ipad actually turns on(when I plug in the usb cable) with 2% battery, but even then it won't charge, what is causing this problem?How can I fix it?

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"had a half broken usb cable" broken where and how. It got nothing to do with unstable voltage and everything to do with shortening out.


some wire inside the cable was broken and I had to dance around my cable to find the spot that charges,

the whole charging process was unstable,even in that spot,because if a butterfly flyied the other side of the world,I had to find that spot again


and you now use a new cable and your iPad does no longer charge?


yes,and those weird things happenes


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Time to take it apart and take a look at the lightning connector and associated components. Use this guide to get to your board.

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