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Device repair information and troubleshooting guides for the Acer Aspire V5-572 and V5-572G models of laptop computer.

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Where can I buy the bottom cover?


The bottom cover of my laptop needs a replacement; the screw holder on one corner where the screen attaches snapped in half and now it will not hold any screw whatever because the head of it isn't big enough. I would like to know where I can buy a bottom replacement or where I can actually find a screw with a big enough head to where I can use that instead of buying a new charger.

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60.M9YN7.089 find it on aliexpress


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You can buy parts from this website. (China)


I got a new bottom cover and keyboard (after my kids had stepped on it). I looked for a long time before I found their business. Not even Ali express has this cover.

The parts were spendy, but they negotiated for a deal and will ship out a package from the PRC in a couple of weeks. Payment is Via Paypal.

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