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Modelle A1181 / 1,83, 2, 2,1, 2,16, 2,2, or 2,4 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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MacBook turns on only with the upper case disconnected

Hi folks,

I spilled a cup of coke over my macbook. After disassembling and an alcohol bath I managed to start it up again by connecting the two tiny solder points on the logic board. Then, I connected the upper case to the logic board and was able to boot into snow leopard. The trackpad worked fine, but the whole right side of the keyboard was dead. After that I thought that I only have to order a new upper case to get it working again, but as I connected a borrowed and working upper case, the Mac didn't react when I pressed the power button. Even by connecting the solder points the macbook stayed off. Where could be the problem? The borrowed upper case has a different layout, because it's from a german A1181. I own an US device. Could that be the cause? Many thanks for your help.

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You'll need to get the correct upper case as the German case requires a different language driver that your system doesn't have.


Why don't you try this: Get an Apple USB keyboard & mouse/trackpad with the upper case removed plug them in. Then using the power pads to start your system see if its still working correctly.

If you had tried plugging in your upper case after powering the system or forgetting to take the battery out while poking around you could have damaged something as well here.

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Thanks for your answer!

To make sure, that i understand you correctly: The Mac won't even turn on with a wrong keyboard layout attached to it?

Thanks again for your help


With external USB peripherals the mac works like a charm. (i'm using it this way right now)

I never tried to plug in the upper case after powering on or with an attached battery.

I'm wondering now if the wrong (german) upper case is the problem or could it be the connector on the logic board. Is there any way to find out? Unfortunately, i can't get the mac running with the solder pads, when the upper case is connected. That only seems to work without the upper case.

Is there maybe another way to start it, without a working power button and without the solder pads but with an attached upper case?


Sorry no, the power pads is it. If it doesn't start the uppercase is bad. Was this a used unit? In any case the key assignments will be off so you still need the correct keyboard for your system.


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