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2.3L 4cyl or 3.0L V6, 6th Generation

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Can my enigine still work?

My 98 accord ex was flooded an engine got lock,is it possible that it could still run?any tips. Thanks for the help in advance

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I ran my car in a flooded street and realized I was to far in to pull back.

Car stalled and was towed out three hours later..

It sat for two weeks before draining process began... Water on floor board were quickly air dried but carpet padding still damp two weeks later.. water in oil and air filter damp.

Draining transmission fluid and checking spark plugs area tomorrow.. no man around and mechanic to expensive...

Give advice a woman can try please


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I would try cranking it with the spark plugs out and see where it takes you.

The other solution you could try is the typical solution for a flooded engine.

Just hold the throttle wide open while starting the engine, it'll permit a maximum flow of air through the engine, flushing the excess fuel out the exhaust.

Good luck


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I change the oil the filter,spark plugs,spark plugs wires.i took all the water out of the cylenders an were the spark plugs go,when i cranckthe engine it spins one time an it gets stuck,i even try cranking it by hand and it just spin one time..ill try the open throttle method,ill let u knw the results.really appreciate for your help


How do you check for water in the brake fluid and gas tank.


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By Flooded do you mean with gas or was the car submerged in water and is now hydro-locked? If its hydro-locked it can run again but is not an easy fix. First drain the oil and any water that's in the crank. then put some oil in and remember to change the filter as well . Next remove the plugs and crank the motor to remove the water from cylinders.replace the plugs and spray wd40 on all wires and electrical connections as this will help in drying out the contacts and keep things from corroding, a hair dryer helps speed drying. Make sure your air system is dry removing old air filter and checking air intake for water. Check your fuel tank to see if there's water in the tank,replace it if needed. Now you can try starting the car. There could be damage to the ECM if its not sealed well and your fuse panel can also cause issue. If your willing to take the time it can run again. If you were talking flooded with gas let the car sit for an hour and try again if you have no Joy then pull the plugs blow out the cylinders with compressed air dry off the plugs and reinstall . Good Luck

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My girlfriend was driving an got stuck in 3 inch of water an the engine suck up water an lock the engine.I did every from changing the oil,filter,air filter,spark plugs an wires,check the gas tank,xheck the fuse box..the only thing i dint do is wd40..i try to cranck it at it cranks one time and it gets stuck,try crancking it by hand but havent got luck..really appreciate the help


When you removed the plugs did you crank the engine to push the water out? If so remove the plugs again and crank it by hand and see if all the pistons are moving.If there not all moving up and down you've broke a connecting rod and if this has happened I'm sorry but its a write off. If the engine wont turn then the only reason is 1 pistons are still filled with water or 2 a connecting rod has broke and jammed the piston


What’s the fuel level for a 1998 Honda Accord V6


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