2DS turns on, but the screens do not turn on.

So recently I went to go try and play my 2DS, but when I turned on my 2DS the blue light came on but the screens did not, they did not even become back-lit. Also no sound coming from the 2DS either. I tried draining the battery and then charging it to see if the screens will come on and that did not work. Also have tried booting up the 2DS without a SD card and game in and still no results. Now according to my brother he said that he saw my 2DS fall off my desk and hit the tile floor and that got me thinking could the fall have knocked some ribbon cables loose? Now it occurs to me that I need to open up my 2DS, I would send it to Nintendo but it is out of warranty. But before I go and open it up I wanted to see if there were anymore things I can try to get my 2DS working before I go and open it up. Any and all help is appreciated. Here is how it looks when turned on.

Block Image

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