Newly installed Hard drive unrecognizable in late 2012 iMac

I'm attempting to Internet recover on my 21.5 in late 2012 imac. I installed a new hard drive, the WD blue 1TB. It will not recognize that a new hard drive is there to rinstall Mountain Lion. I have looked in the disk utility to try to choose how to partition the drive, but no drive comes up. I made sure all the connectors were firmly in place before re-adhering. At the moment I'm installing OS X onto my external MyBook.

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how did you boot to get to Disk Utility? Please give us th model number of your new drive. Why are you replacing the drive?


My old drive failed. But once OS X was installed on my external and booted up, I was able to partition my internal and then update with Mavericks from there.


Please give us the model number of your new drive if you still can't see it.


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