Modell A1311 / Mitte 2010 / 3,06 & 3,2 GHz Core i3 oder 3,6 GHz Core i5 Prozessor

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How difficult is difficult?

If I haven't done this sort of project before, but say, do the SSD optical drive upgrade first as practice, AND follow the guide meticulously and slowly, do you think a beginner could do this upgrade with the right tools?

Or, is there a very high chance I will just break my imac?


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Have the time to do it one sitting if possible. Avoid distractions. Don't do it when tired or distraught. Don't answer the phone. Be able to ground yourself out (ESD protection). Take pictures. I use old pill bottles to keep the screws separated, i.e. screws for the frame, screws for the screen, etc. Read through the guides completely before starting so you know the possible pitfalls and read the comments to avoid mistakes that others have made. The guides are excellent. Doing this will greatly enhance your confidence that you too can repair almost anything. Enjoy it! You just saved paying a tech a hundred dollars an hour ;-)

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Are you physically able to do the work? Some people struggle with their hand & eye coordination or have poor eye sight.

Before you even start do you have a good work surface & lighting, ESD strap, and lastly, the needed tools? If you have made the effort to be prepared for the task the only thing left is viewing some YouTube vids of others taking the system apart to see what you'll encounter.

As long as you use care you should be fine. The person who is nervous to start with tend not to make mistakes as they are focused at the task at hand.

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