Repair guides and support for the C650 series of Satellite laptops by Toshiba.

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My screen won't turn on and my battery doesn't work

Okay, so, my laptop is such a pain at the moment! I can't turn it on unless it has the power cord but that isn't the only problem! I try to turn it on and it works but the screen doesn't. I heard the 'hold button for 60 seconds take battery out and power' method but it doesn't work because I have to have the power cord in. It is really annoying me because I have alot of memories on this laptop like my (passed away) cat. Please help me. I can't take it to the computer shop because it is my mums and she won't do anything about it!!

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flip the computer around and find this symbol

there should be a few screw holding it down. unscrew them, open it up and you will see the hard drive. unscrew all the screw thats holding the hard drive down.

after you take the hard drive out of the computer, buy this sata to usb adapter and plug it in to another computer. Extra whatever picture and files you need and put the hard drive back.

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Okay thankyou! I will give it a try :)


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