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The Nokia 1110 is a low-end GSM cell phone aimed at first-time cell phone users.

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earpiece seems dead

the phone has developed a behavior whereby it does not ring at all,

you can hear nothing whether attending to both incoming and outgoing calls, furthermore the normal sounds made when the phone power off and on no longer exists.

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and what if the eapice is good but not working


This is a 3year old question. You may not get the help you are looking for. I would post it as a new question. Use this link http://www.ifixit.com/Answers/Ask/Nokia+... to do so and give a lot of details.


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Ok if its just the earpiece that isn't functioning you can find a replacement on eBay.

If the phone's speaker and the earpiece are both non-functional there may be an issue with the logic board.

Please give us more details about you phone, any damages or encounters with water will help us answer you problem as best we can.


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