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HP Laptop konzipiert für den Einsatz zu Hause und im Home-Office.

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How do I fix a cooling fan error? HP Pavilion g6-1a60us

I replaced the thermal paste and dusted out my computer because it was pretty bad. I haven't cleaned the inside of it in a very long time and I just received my iFixit stuff so I worked on it.

Everything is starting up fine but my cooling fan went out. How do I start troubleshooting this? Everything is hooked up like it is supposed to be.

I appreciate it very much.

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I am going to answer my own question because after about an hour of reading and then disassembling for the fourth time. I realized I forgot to plug a cord back in by the fan. lol

So to properly approach a troubleshooting question...

Step 1: Make sure everything was plugged back in the way it is supposed to be.

I am going to write that down.

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