MacBook Air won't boot after an error message asking to shut down

Yesterday my Macbook Air (original), model: a1237 flashed an error message asking the user to shutdown due to low battery. Since it was not me, but my brother who was operating the macbook at that time, that I am not able to exactly put here what the error message was.

But, as I was told later, it prompted him to shutdown.

After that event, the Macbook when completely dead! It won't boot.

Here are the things that happen now, when I power it on:

  • sleep light turns on
  • keyboard lights are off
  • the Apple logo on the lid doesn't turn on
  • no chime, no sound, no display
  • the fan works

It's like as if only the sleep led and the fan are the two working components in the


Things I have already tried:

  • SMC reset
  • Removing the battery and trying to switch it on AC (Is this a bad practice?)

None of these tricks worked!

I would be very grateful to you if you could help me on this one.

Thank you in advance!

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