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Released in 2013 Model number: ONETOUCH 7024W FCC ID: RAD386

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Why is my phone frozen and won't shut off?

My phone is frozen on a screen no controls work and I can't shut it off.

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I'm in the same situation bro

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Got this phone had it a month and then out of no where my phone starts cutting on and off for about ten to fifteen minutes and tries to reboot apps. So let that go on for days not being able to use the phone and then had to pay the bill to keep insurance and found out the hard way that the phone was trash from the start and couldn't get my money back or added to the LG phone i wanted to get. so unhappy i feel very upset wishing i could get a credit toward another phone would have made me happy but !#^&@@ I'm stuck with this crappy phone until i can afford a new one. I factory reseted the phone 3 times and it seamed to get worse now the speaker makes a loud crashing noise overtime i touch the screen so unhappy and now really feeling ripped off. This phone should be off all store shelves asap please email me at arttaveous@gmail.com if anyone has a solution Thanks and everyone have a great day!!!!!!

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