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Apple kündigte am 9. März 2015 an, dass das Retina MacBook 2015, Modell A1534 am 10. April herauskäme. Es hat eine neue Unibody Konstruktion und beinhaltet ein verbessertes Trackpad, Tastatur und Retina Display.

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What is the chipset?

What is the chipset? (Intel H97 or Z97?) And why wasn't it revealed during tear-down?

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H97 and Z97 is made for desktops.

If i'm not mistaken, the chipset is included in the CPU package.

If you're not satisfied, you could have a look at other Core-M powered laptops on the market, to see if there's more info.

Fx. Dell Latitude 13 7000 , HP Envy X2, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro or Asus Zenbook UX305.

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Here's a good writeup: Trusted Reviews


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If i'm not mistaken, the chipset is included in the CPU package.

MorbidMylar, you are right. I just did some research. For this Broadwell-Y, on the CPU package, there are two dice:

  1. the larger long die contains the CPU and GPU, made in a modern 14 nm process.
  2. the other smaller die (almost square) is the Platform Controller Hub (PCH) in a low-power version made in a 32 nm process. This PCH die essentially is the "chipset" and typically refered to as "Broadwell-Y PCH-LP".

Together, they form a SoC. For Broadwell-Y (TDP around 5W) and Broadwell-U (TDP around 15-23W), this SoC configuration was chosen by Intel.

For the Broadwell CPUs with Broadwell-H and up (these are desktop CPUs which may also appear in notebooks with fan-cooling), the PCH is not on the CPU package, but the chipset (=PCH) remains on the mainboard in a Z97 or H97, or HM87 or HM97. In those cases, where there is a second die on the CPU package for these desktop CPUs, it is the eDRAM of the IrisPro graphics GT3e.

Used sources:




Actually all these concepts had been part of Haswell CPUs as well.


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