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How do I divide the LCD from the Digitizer?


The glass of the digitizer of my Sony Xperia M2 (D2303) broke about a year ago.

The screen worked just fine, only the bottom of the screen was broken. I was fine with it, but last month i wanted to try to repair the screen.

I bought a new glass+ digitizer on ebay, which works correct.

But when dissasembled the phone, i coulndt not really separate the glass/Digitizer and the LCD panel. When i tried it, i broke the LCD :(

So since i failed the first time, i want to know how i can do it better next time.

I bought a new LCD online, waiting for it to arrive next week.

Any tips on how to assemble the phone again with a new LCD panel, new Digitizer and new holding tape?

Can i use alcohol to clean off the old tape which held the panel in place?

I appreciate all the help and tips :D

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It's glued on which is why prying it off just breaks it. Grab a heatgun and heat up the glass a bit around the edges. Use a suction cup to pull it off instead of prying it. It should come right off.

Here's a YouTube Video of the whole thing .

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