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Liability for a home repair company

So fixers, I have recently been seriously considering using this incredible website to begin to fix things in my community, of course using one of your kits. My biggest question is, however, how have you handled liability for repairs? For example, say I am repairing the dock connector in and iPhone 6 plus. This obviously involves the removal of some very delicate machinery, and I am wondering, who is liable if something goes wrong. Do I have the customer sign a waiver before I begin work? Or do I simply go into the repair with and understanding of you break it you buy it? Thanks for any help.

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Thanks for the quick answers guys. All of this makes sense, and was certainly what I was leaning towards, I just wanted a second opinion.


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Zach Duran, you are. Any damage that you do, you are responsible for. Always make sure that you check any device for damage other than what the customer states. You,ll be surprised on what people will say broke one their phone after you worked on it.

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I've even had someone come back and say their lcd isn't working properly anymore, and found out, when I opened it, I never even worked on the phone!!!!!

The copper tape gave it away. Couldn't believe the neck on him!!!

Only thing I say when repairing phones, is the risk of the LCD breaking when doing glass only on the s3/s4/s5.

I don't make them sign anything, but I let them know the risk of these.


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To run a commercial business you would want to buy insurance for such occurrences.

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