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Why won't TV stay on?

Hello, I have an HP-T4264. I would turn the tv on and after about the 30 seconds, the tv will shut off and try to turn back on. It tries repeatedly until I unplug the tv. I can also hear this clicking sound in back near the power supply.

I did replace 4 capacitors on the power supply that I thought would solve the problem and no other capacitors showed any signs of being bad.


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My Samsung clicks on and then no picture appears. I just bought this TV within the last 5 months. Model # UN32H5203AFXZA

Thank you, Karen


Karen, your machine is covered under warranty, take it back.


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My initial diagnosis of my UE40D5520 which rebooted at the splash screen was that the capacitors on the power board had popped.

Apparently a common issue, and very easy to fix...

You can easily buy online cheaply and replace like for like any of the popped ones with a couple of solder points on each.

Take a photo first for their orientation, but usually they have a negative marking, and the short leg is negative too (double check though)

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take a voltage reading on the main power board and see if it is giving proper voltage to the rest of the TV. Other bad boards in the TV can cause same symptoms.

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model hp t 4264 samsung turn and off then click on and off withouth stop . tec from atlantic told me its the power . icant see this model in the list

Update (05/15/2016)

imean the law suit vs samsung tv power . never more ibuy a samsung . sony and panasonic its better tvs .

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