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The HP iPAQ H2200 is a Pocket PC released in late 2003. It has a broad range of features including multimedia support and Bluetooth wireless technology. This device is primarily used for communicating and managing information from anywhere.

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iPaq does not reconize A Battery

Will Work if plugged into power supply, but will not work on batt along. Any ideas?


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it sounds like a dead battery

but you didn't provide that much information - is the installed battery old or new?

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Thank You for your responce! Battery IS New! We have tried several Batteries and None work. It does work if It Is Plugged In to the Power source. But does Not reconize any battery in it.



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there's a small limited travel micro-switch on the mainboard that makes contact with the small nipple under the battery compartment cover ...

check the case has been screwed down properly and the nipple hasn't been broken off ...

you could gently insert a paper-clip into the micro-switch hole to test if this cures your problem :)

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