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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the HP Chromebook, an 14 inch HP-brand laptop computer that runs on the Chrome operating system (OS).

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keyboard keys diagonal from the "8" "i" "k""," do not work

about a month ago, these keys "8" "i" "k""," started to every now and then not work. Now none of those keys work. HP chromebook was new as of OCT 2015.

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It sounds like the keys were shorted out or the ribbon could have came loose.

I suggest re-seating or possibly replacing the keyboard.

Here is the instructions to do so. HP Chromebook 14-Q010DX Keyboard and Touchpad Replacement

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9 times out of 10 it is the ribbon that has come loose. 9 screws on the bottom 4 of which are behind the rear gummies.. (foot pegs) I don't know why, but HP decided to put the tape on the ribbon cable to tight and it pulls out very easily.

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Same, I know your pain

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