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The 7" version of Amazon's new high-end tablet series, released in October, 2013. Model C9R6QM.

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My screen isnt responding

I was reading a book and when i tried truning the page the touch screen started lagging, now it just doesn't respond at all. The slide to unlock peice on the screen doesn't move, when i do get it to respond it won't let me open anything up. I can't even get to the settings to do a factory reset. I talked to amazon customer service and their solutions were to hard reset by holding the power button for 40 seconds, and fully charging it and hard reseting . Then they offered me a replacement for $160, since the warranty is up. Am I going to have to have the screen replaced or is there another solution.

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If the 40 second power button method suggested by Amazon does not solve the problem, then there is no easy solution.There are more difficult solutions, but you must be technically oriented, because you must be able to open the Kindle and mess with the parts inside.

Be sure that you have diagnosed the problem properly: First, be sure you have cleaned the screen so that it is completely free of dirt, grease or fingerprints. Then check the integrity of the screen. If the digitizer screen should contain a hairline crack -- even a tiny one near a corner-- then the screen may have become partly or completely unresponsive to the touch. Sometimes a crack can cause a digitizer to lose only part of its functionality. To see if this is the case, rotate the Kindle (from portrait to landscape or vice versa) to shift the unlock 'swipe' to a different position on the screen, and see if you can wake the device from that new position. If so, then you will have confirmed that you have a broken digitizer. If not, then it is possible that the digitizer has become unplugged internally. This is unlikely -- you could also have an electronic problem on the motherboard -- but the only way to know for sure would be to open the Kindle and take a look. Be forewarned, however: the Kindle HDX screen ribbon cables are poorly situated and very hard to manipulate in a very cramped location!

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