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Das Galaxy S6 ist das neue Flagschiff der Galaxy-Linie. Es wurde im März 2015 angekündigt, Verkaufsstart war am 10. April. Die Version mit dem gewölbten Bildschirm ist unter Galaxy S6 Edge bekannt.

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Does a faulty sim card reader mean phone is stone dead?

I have a 6 week old Samsung Galaxy S6 and it just "died"...stone dead, nothing would turn it on, and if plugged in no lights. Sent back to where I bought it and they told me...it's a faulty sim card reader and that repair is not covered under the 24 month warranty!!!

My question is: if it really is the SIM card reader, would the phone really be stone dead...unable to charge?

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If the sim card reader was bad the phone would still work and even if it didn't why is the sim card reader not covered by the warranty , its part of the phone this is just someone trying to get out of fixing a faulty phone

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That does not sounds like an actual diagnosis to me. I've never seen a phone that won't turn on due to a sim reader. The sim reader is completely independent from the phone's power supply. I would recommend you get a second opinion on your phone from a reputable shop.

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