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The fourth iteration of the popular 7" Galaxy Tab line of Samsung tablets.

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Memory Recovery from a Water Damaged Tablet

Is it possible to extract the internal memory chip from a dead tablet and transplant that chip into a working tablet to recover the stored data?

And, is there a schematic of the SM-T230NU Tablet available that I can use to distinguish between the internal memory chip and the processor?

I took my tablet into the backcountry in June as a camera and journal. The tablet became soaked in my tent due to an overnight flash flood. It was covered in water for an unknown duration until I awoke, became aware of the natural disaster, and rescued the tablet and myself. Twelve hours later, I manually turned off the functional tablet due to a low battery. The tablet has not powered on since I turned it off manually. After several days of drying, it did not acknowledge receiving a charge in the shutdown state. Two weeks later, I opened the back with the proper tools and thoroughly cleaned the tablet with rubbing alcohol and Q-tips to remove the fine sediment that remained after the water had evaporated. I also tested the battery for voltage; I found a charge of 3.9 from a 4.0 volt rated battery. Therefore, I believe that the battery successfully charged on the trail.

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I don't think that program will work, if the tablet does not turn on then you might have fried something. Maybe it's the lcd, had a water damaged iPhone 4s once, got the logic working I thought it was broken, it was actually the lcd that was broken.

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