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Released November 2013. 32 GB of Flash Memory. 8GB of RAM. Quad-Core Processor. Identified by model number EGQ307. 7.58 x 4.60 x 0.45 inches. 1080 x 600. 4.5 hours battery life.

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Why isn't my camera working when the application opens?

The application is opening but the screen in black and any photo I take is coming out black.

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Issues with your camera can be either software or hardware related. There might be a problem with your camera app, in which case, you should try reinstalling your camera application. Always make sure your Android OS is up to date. As an extreme solution, you can attempt a factory reset; however, this will wipe your device. Make sure to back up the stuff you want save!

If none of the above software solutions work, your camera might be damaged and need to be replaced. Sometimes the connecting ribbon might have come lose, and you only need to reattach it. Use the camera replacement guide, for information on how to replace or repair your tablet's camera.

Ematic EGQ307 Front Facing Camera Replacement

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