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The Kindle Fire HD 8.9” is a tablet computer that allows users to read books, view comics, watch movies and find general entertainment at a mid-range price. Fixes are simple and do not require any special tools.

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Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Wifi and Bluetooth wont turn on


I have a Kindle fire HD 8.9. The wireless and Bluetooth can no longer be turned on. I checked for a MAC address and neither are present. After performing multiple reboots and a factory reset I still have the same results. I have opened to case to check for loose connections but all seem to be in order from the daughter card to the motherboard. I was wondering if anyone has had this same experience and if so did you replace the wireless daughter card or motherboard, or both?

Thank you

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Just wanted to let anyone know that replacing the "Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Camera Daughterboard" fixed the issue. After replacing the board I had to perform another reboot after powering it back up for the MAC address to show up. Once I did that the MAC addresses showed for WiFi and Bluetooth.

The only struggle I had was connecting the two cables back that go between the display portion and back portion. Take you time and all should be good. This was pretty easy to replace.


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