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iPhone 4s iPhone 3 touch microwaved? after water damage

hi everyone

i just supidly in one rainy morninig tried to dry up my iphone 4s in the microwave for exact 2 sec and then took it out right away as i saw some blink light, then i dried it the normal way, everything is working well except the touch function, no matter what i did cganged to a new screen the same problem persisit, could it be a responsible transistor burnt on the motherboard how can one fix , where to localise it

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On the image I have put two red circles where most of the components for the touchscreen are located. I would check in those areas and see if you can notice any damage.

Block Image

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it helps alot to be sure that its a proplem with the board since i saw a blink when i microwaved it, now the problem is certainly located on the zone shown on the second circle of the picture below . do you think there is something to do about that to be fixed,


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Most things can be fixed. It would be just a case of identifying the faulty component and replacing it.


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