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Released November 2013. 32 GB of Flash Memory. 8GB of RAM. Quad-Core Processor. Identified by model number EGQ307. 7.58 x 4.60 x 0.45 inches. 1080 x 600. 4.5 hours battery life.

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Why can't I hear sound through speaker?

When I am playing my favorite song in the Ematic EGQ307 I can't hear any sound.

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There might be three possibilities why you can't hear any sound through the your speaker:

a. The volume setting could be too low:

Try to turn the volume up.

b. The audio file could be faulty and not working:

Try a different audio file to see if it's a file problem.

c. The speaker might not be functioning properly:

Try to replace the speaker.

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I hope that helps and your speaker works again just like it supposes to :)


this is crap



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