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Das Modell A1238 / 80, 120, oder 160 GB Festplatte / schwarzes oder silbernes Metallfrontteil

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Can you change the Mainboard batterie

Can you change the Mainboardbattery, if there is one.

Or is there another reason my IPod loses all his settings after the main battery runs out of energy.

I have the Problem for nearly 2 years now and I just replaces the Headphone jacket so the IPod is open and so I can fix this Problem too.

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Simon Fuerst, the iPod only has that one battery. Yes, I would change it while the iPod is open. It is possible that you lose your settings because the battery may be depleted, but it is also possible that there are other reasons. Start with a new battery, and reevaluate. Anything else would be an issue with components on the logic board.

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I think that the battery is good, I can listen to music for 5-6h over 5 days and can watch videos for 1-2h. Its not great but for a 6-7year old iPod it's OK.

Because it's sometimes a little slow or freezes(when I let him shuffle all of my music(The ipod freezes but the music plays)) for a couple(5-10) of seconds, it's more likely that the error is on the logic board or the HDD.

It's a little inconvenient but it's not that big of a deal that I have to set all the settings, when I forget to recharge the battery.


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