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The HP Chromebook 14 is a variant of the Google Chromebook line released September 11, 2013. Model number is 14-Q010DX.

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Battery replacement - will this fix the problem?

This Chromebook battery will not charge (stuck at 12%). "battery_test 1" indicates battery is good. I am concerned if I spend $75 on a replacement battery on a $200 Chromebook it still may not fix the problem. Is this a known issue that is easily fixed with battery swap? If so, I might continue with the purchase. Model: 14-q063cl

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If the laptop is out of warranty you are right to be concerned about the cost. My personal opinion is to offload the faulty laptop and buy a new one. Chromebooks are so cheap nowadays one COULD just buy a new one every time it fails when it is out of warranty.


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Just an idea. If the test indicates “good” try carefully disconnecting the battery and discharging power by holding down the power button for 30 seconds and then reconnect and switch on. Any help?

How to disconnect battery:

HP Chromebook 14-Q010DX Battery Replacement

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