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Where to buy a replacement screen

Where can I find a replacement screen for this Imac in Thzailand or Australia

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i would suggest ebay for that.

to assure that you buy the right lcd - open your imac and look on the backside of the lcd.

use that number for an ebay search search only for sellers in your area or sellers who are willing to send it to you.

use the lcd guide to open the imac

you can see the lcd model on step 18 of the guide (LM201W01 (ST)(B2) LG-Philips)

i would also try to search google and some international mac boards for that.

if a ebay seller is not willing to ship it internationally - ask them, try to figure the way out to send the lcd to you. many ebay sellers are unexperienced when it comes to international shipping and most of them will do it if you do the "dirty" work for them.

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