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The LG G Watch R is a Smartwatch manufactured by LG that includes many features of a Smartphone and a full-circle P-OLED display.

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Where could I buy a battery for replacement?

My G watch R is now only working when put on the dock charger. Even if the battery icon displays 100%, when I remove the watch from the charger it switches itself off systematically . So, I suppose it is due to the battery itself (?)

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I am also having the same problem. Reply me for solution


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Here's the guide on replacing the battery: LG G Watch R Battery Replacement Replacement

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@mayer it appears the guide does not say where to get said battery though.


Aiden good point. Would you care to find that information for everyone?


I'll see what I can do!


Ok I found this: Battery were to Buy?


Hold on those are Europe only. Let me look again


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Here that one should work.

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