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Unlocking iPhone 6 from an auction

There is a police auction with two iphone 6's but they are both password locked. Is there any way with a bill of sale to get apple to unlock the phones?

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It seems to be a bit of a gray area with legally bought Iphones that lock out on you. It is my understanding that in the UK when you buy an item from a public action you then become the lawful owner of that item regardless of any previous history that item may have, this is why lost property and stolen recovered items are sold by auction. I now live in Australia and I have been trying to look into the law and items bought at public auction, a bit slow going at the moment though! But I did talk to Ebay and I put the question to them “If I buy an item from a public auction such as Ebay and the item it later found to be stolen, would I lose the item and my payment?” I had to re ask the question a few times to a few different people, but finally got an answer from them saying that in their opinion I am now the lawful owner of the item. So this begs the question that if I lawfully bought and now legally own this item is Apple acting unlawfully by not unlocking the Iphone. I am now looking at talking to a public law lawyer to see if Apple is acting outside the law on this one...

But you can always buy a pre programmed nand flash IC 128 GB memory chip from China delivered for around $70.00 and I would recommend getting a person with surface mounted chip heat gun de-soldering and resoldering experience to replace the chip for you at a cost of around $70.00 if you strip the phone down and just have them do the soldering. Replacing this chip changes the IMEI number, the serial number and in turn fully unlocks your Iphone and upgrades your phone memory to 128 GB... Have fun Ady

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schroederb2007, most likely not. Just because it comes from a police auction does not mean it was not previously stolen(I would think the likelihood of that being even greater:-) So that would still not make you the rightful owner. Of course you can always try to get it and if Apple does not unlock it, may be you can get it returned to the rightful owner.

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Ask for IMEI details, check for iCloud.

Password can be removed, iCloud can't.

Still, iPhone 6 iCloud is still worth buying as the parts are worth a fair bit plus if you're skilled enough you can remove the iCloud

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