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Das Alcatel One Touch Idol Alpha verfügt über ein 4,70 Zoll, 720x1280 Display mit einem 1,2 GHz Prozessor.

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My phone won't go on!

My phone turned off while I was busy, so I turned it on again and after 30 minutes or something it turned off again. It replayed a couple of times. Now my phone won't go on anymore.. I charged it and tried to turn it on but it doesn't. When I charge my phone the light on the top goes on, but nothing really happens.. Can someone please help me. I have this phone like 2/3 months and I've never had a problem before. Please help !!

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Have you tried to hard reset in whilst you have it plugged in? Hold Vol + and power button, let go of power when you feel it vibrate and that should bring you to the restore settings.

If it doesn't work bring it back to the store and get a replacement one, the motherboard could be faulty. In the case of being under warranty you shouldn't have to wait for your one to come back but be offered a replacement so long as they have the phone in stock.

Hope this helps.

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Hey ! Thanks for the help but none of them worked ):


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