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Quadcopter with pre-installed camera gimbal, 4K video camera, and wireless video transmission.

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Won't connect to camera with iPhone

I have phantom vision 2 I can connect to wifi but when I try pick camera up with iPad it won't pick it up

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I too have this issue. Vision 2 plus will not display video on the phone. I can however record video from the app. Even though it will not display the video, I can offload the video files to my pc.


Has this ever been fixed? I am now having this problem after a year of using my Vision 2 plus with no problems. The iphone app connects and I can fly the drone but i don't get video feed to the phone. The camera is working and can take photos and video, but it won't stream it to the iphone anymore.


Don't call DJI they had me on hold an hour and half and when my call was answered the person on the other end could speak English after another hour I was told I needed to set up a different email and password


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I apologize - I was wrong. It was not the video chip.

It is the WIFI-Module which sends the video to the phone/tablet.

Here are the steps I followed to fix the issue.


I really hope it helps. It worked perfectly for me when i could get video on the card, BUT video would NOT stream to my phone so I could see where I was going.

Best of luck!

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I have the same problem. Do you have one solution?

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The problem is the video chip.

I had to replace mine and it solved the problem.

I can't remember the video link, but the solution is pretty easy.

You will need precision screw drivers and a replacement chip. I think it was around $100

Sorry I can't be more help. But once I had the chip it was literally a 15 minute job.

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Video chip on the camera video chip on the drone video chip in the extender?


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